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God's Healing Wonders

Blood Pressure Control + Package

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This is a three-part formula which includes; High Blood Pressure Control Plus, Beta-Blocker and Stress Relief+. This formula has been shown to balance out the blood pressure and may relieve stress impulses naturally without harmful effects. Safe for all ages and non-addictive.

25 Day Supply

50 Capsules 

This product is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not indented to treat or cure any disease. 

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Blood Pressure is lower

After having my beautiful daughter , I struggled with getting my blood pressure down… I needed answers and a solution! I got that and more, my blood pressure is so much BETTER!! I want to thank Elder Mike for taking the time to help me, and listen to my concerns!! It will work for you, if you stay consistent!

Michael Lightfoot
Blood pressure control

I believe it's a good product it's natural and effective I would recommend this to anyone that want a natural remedies other than a prescription drug that comes with side effects dangerous side effect